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Inspired by a true story...

Big time drug dealer and pimp, Doc Singletary, is the most feared brotha in Lake City, SC. Anyone that disrespectfully crosses his path is sure to suffer the consequences. He's a tough guy, but no one can bring out his soft side..that is until he meets the beautiful blond-haired blue eyed, Debbie Ward.

What would 19 year old Debbie want with a 31 year old bad boy like Doc? His rebellious ways and chocolate skin just drives her wild. However, things become a wild ride once she sees a darker side to him. (A darker side she can't see because love is blind; blind and DANGEROUS!!!)

Will Debbie leave Doc and save herself from being another victim of his murders? Or will she risk putting her life in danger because of his....CRAZY LOVE?


Girlfriend of a Married

Synopsis: A Miami waitress falls head over heels for a handsome lawyer, but things becomes deadly once she finds out that he is ...MARRIED!

Girl on the Block

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Synopsis: Monica does everything from being a pimp, selling and trafficking drugs. She's a hustler running the mean streets of Bedstuy Brooklyn, New York. Oh, and by the way, she's a top college student studying criminal justice. With her drug dealing boyfriend by her side, she's aiming to make it to the top. Nobody suspects her little secret of how she's running things- until her business starts to grow bigger than expected. Will she get busted? Or does she have it all under control? Her street knowledge could save her life...or end her life.
 A Captain for Christmas

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Synopsis: The holidays seem to bring out the worst in people, well at least that's what Chrisette Rice believes. It has been a year since her mother disappeared on a trip to Fiji, not making it home in time for Christmas. Chrisette believes and faces the fact that her mother could be dead and undiscovered. Following after that, her fiance called off their long engagement. For a whole entire year, this caused Chrisette to suddenly become Ms.Scrooge. Chrisette's attitude is just as cold as the winter days and frigid as the winter nights. As the holiday season approaches again, she is crossing off her calender until it's over. The thought of Christmas brings back bitter, depressing memories and hurt in her heart. Her heart feels frostbitten, stale and lifeless. However, after meeting Captain Greg McCarthy, he is willing to change Chrisette's mind. It is impossible for him to do so when she doesn’t even consider giving him a chance. Will she have a different view on love? Or will she see Garret as just a toy soldier to throw in the toy box?
Tina's Temptation

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Synopsis:Tina is a beautiful young woman who challenges herself to remain celibate until she's in a committed relationship again. It can be tough, especially since she works as a retail representative at a lingerie/sex toy shop. Once Tina attends her best friend's bachleorette party, she gets tempted by the sexy stripper, Mr. Good Bar. He tries his hardest to make her give in to temptation after their encounter. It's a game for him, but torture for her.. He is a sneaky serpent, trying to capture his prey. Will he manipulate Tina into his lustful web of desire? Tina's a strong woman, right?

Coffin Rock College

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Imagine being trapped on a creepy college campus where nobody can save you are hear your screams. That's how the students of Coffin Rock College feel, they experience a series of horrific episodes. Want to take a tour? I dare you!

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Ever thought that maybe your relationship-life doesn't work??? Maybe it's because you have NO STANDARDS. When we have low standards we settle for less without even knowing what's worth deserving. We miss out on the good things because we are blind. Really, if you knew you're worth and what you deserve then you will get better results. ReNita A. Burgess gives a few pointers to women on how to better themselves from the inside and out, so that it attracts and keeps the opposite sex and with understanding.

Street Walkers of Myrtle Beach

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Welcome To Myrtle Beach..where the freaks come out at night!! Each prostitute tells dramatic stories of life working the strip in the south beach town of South Carolina's popular spot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Street Walkers of Myrtle Beach 2: Back On the Strip

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These wild girls are back in action, not only are they walking the strip, this time they are working the poles. If you loved Street Walkers of Myrtle Beach 1, then you will definitely love Street Walkers of Myrtle Beach 2: Back On The Strip. It's raw and uncut! Exploring characters who are each strippers turned prostitutes doing a little extra on the side in the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach ...

*Tara's an underage school girl looking for a sugar daddy, *Ariel is a pregnant stripper trying to make a living, *Sasha's a cross dresser that wants to make enough to get a surgery to become a real woman, *Tia and Sheila are lesbian lovers who want to make a move to get married out of state and *Tammy's the red-headed waitress who wants a better life....
Each stripper pulls you in with twisting and intensifying stories within every page.

So, what happens when the freaks come out at night?? Find out and walk the strip in Street Walkers of Myrtle Beach 2: Back On The Strip.

Street Walkers of Myrtle Beach: The Black Biker Chic Confessions

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All work and no play is no fun for the street walkers of Myrtle Beach, which is why they are taking their business to Black Biker Week. What's more exciting than partying at one of South Carolina's most popular events and getting paid on the streets at the same time? The girls are sure to spot some easy targets with flashy cars and motorcycles. Ready to turn up!!!

The Morning After (Erotic Stories)

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Sometimes a night of passion is a dream come true, but what happens the morning after? Do we go back to our normal lives, leaving nothing but the memories of endless orgasm? Or does it lead to recurring encounters? Fantasies happen in the nick of time and luck plays a major part. Sometimes we dream of fantasies we know we can't have. (Doesn't that make you want to have it even more?) Beyond these pages are some of the sexiest flings that will leave you with wet dreams.


Love, Life and Lullabies (Short Collection of Poetry)

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ReNita A. Burgess's short collection of poetry focuses on three categories of living. It touches bases on love, life and softness. These beautiful words will surely keep you entertained, bringing peace, romance and understanding.

The Right Way to Weigh: 15 Rules to Instant Weight Loss

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Do you want to lose weight and get in shape instantly without it seeming hard, boring or frustrating? Look no further, Former beauty queen, ReNita A. Burgess shares her get-fit-quick secrets followed by her favorite beauty secrets. She takes it to a level of giving yourself a complete transformation makeover rather than feeling as if you are struggling to achieve your fitness goals. She doesn't miss out on anything. From weight loss, maintaining fitness, increasing your beauty, cosmetics, shaping your booty, growing your breasts and plumping your lips etc.

Slaughter Sleepovers

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***During a slaughter sleepover, teenagers experience horror before they sleep; but will they sleep forever?
Three hair raising tales that are sure to keep you wanting to sleep with your lights on. EACH ENDING WILL BRING YOU CHILLS.... ***********

***Morgan is an evil twin and she's upset because her best friends and twin sister didn't invite her to their sleepover. ...The girls made a huge she seeks revenge!!!

Mr. Hallman is one of the sexiest teachers at Whitendale High. However, Melissa and her Katie catches him watching their window at their sleepover. Things really start to become scary after they give him a little tease. Will they take it too far?
Juliet Hunter is asked to volunteer at the summer camp with a scholarship program. The pay is good and she also gets to be with her best friends and her boyfriend, Ted. The girls really want to have fun so they have a mini sleepover in one of the available cabins. What's really strange is the Gothic little girl that likes to appear and disappear. Juliet's friends share a scary legend about the camp and they all decide to go lengths to find out if the legend was true, even if some of them end up dead.

In the Middle of Love's Crime

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Columbia, SC news anchor Simona Cox has it all. She's a local celebrity, she's beautiful, she's smart and she's engaged to a VERY SEXY army lieutenant, Benjamin Myers. It's a strange coincidence that whenever a beautiful woman is murdered in the neighborhood, Benjamin randomly disappears.Simona becomes frustrated and confused when Ben disappears for days, sometimes weeks, without telling her anything. Is Benjamin hiding something? Simona's ex boyfriend, Detective Drew Slater, sure thinks so. Drew is anxious to take over the case with hopes of getting closer to Simona, but he's eager to do ANYTHING to get Ben behind bars. It all comes down to one question, who is the murderer? ...

Stuffed With Love- A Thanksgiving Holiday Romance

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Two lonely souls engage in an accidental encounter during the time of year that's crucial when you're single. Could they be of comfort for each other in the midst of their own personal dilemmas?
Meet Victoria Patterson, a lonely independent sistah who climbed the top of the career ladder as a customer service supervisor in Columbia, SC. After her best friend turned against her and cheated with her boyfriend last Thanksgiving, she has no desire to look forward to the holiday. What makes it even worse is that her mother invited the couple for Thanksgiving dinner. What could make it even more awkward? She decides she doesn't want to spend dinner with her family this year.

         Enter Alan McKnight, a divorced dad of two who is a delivery driver for QPS. He meets Victoria as he delivered roses to her address and makes a joke about her having roses delivered to herself from herself. Feeling offended by his joking insults, the two adapt in an argument on her doorstep. After a while, she begins to pour out her sadness. Alan then introduces her to his holiday blues as well, revealing that his ex wife left him for the divorce lawyer. Victoria feels his sorrow when he shares with her that his ex wife won't let him see their children for Thanksgiving. The two connect through support and fun filled comfort during the month of November. Both are unaware of the passionate growing feelings that may just give them hope for another shot of happiness. Too much of a good thing may leave them stuffed with love to share with each other.
This Thanksgiving, they'll be thankful for the funny encounter.

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British housekeeper, Matilda Goldsberry, enjoys her job at the Belin mansion and working for Mrs. Shirley Belin; the widower and mother of 5 very successful sons. The opportunity is truly a blessing for Matilda, but deep down inside she always knew she deserved more. One thing for sure is that she has always hid her feelings for Mrs. Belin's son, Dr. Devontae Belin. Whenever he stops by to visit his mother at the mansion, her heart skips double. Devontae is intellectual, handsome, rich and has a sense of humor. Who wouldn't want a more perfect man? However, Matilda feels she wouldn't be suitable enough for him because she's just a housekeeper and not used to their high class lifestyle.

Devontae has always kept his eyes on the blond beauty over the year. Making small talk with her just isn't enough and he knows he has to take immediate action before anyone else does. When he is injured in an automobile accident, he hires her as his personal caretaker and housekeeper. The two of them will have plenty of time to develop their friendship while under the same roof, but once Devontae recovers he may not want her to leave. Hidden love is sure to be revealed beyond this masterpiece.

I Love His Vanilla Candy Cane

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     41 year old Janay Jones has her heart set on Matthew Coldman; the 24 year old seasonal chairman at her job. While Matt's uncle is on Christmas vacation, he's now the one in charge; even if that means demanding Janay to visit his office most of the time. The sexual chemistry between he and Janay is very strong and out of this world. Whenever he's around, she completely throbs in places other than her heart.
     This Christmas she only seeks something different, exciting and with a little adventure. (One sexy snow bunny, please!) Will she be able to keep up with his vanilla candy cane? Or will he be able to control this experienced sex- vixen? This is one Christmas they will be sure to remember. These two are already on the naughty list!

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ASouth Carolina journalism student has packed her bags and is on her way to Nashville, Tennessee for a much-needed getaway. But when she encounters an annoying, but handsome, Army soldier at the airport, things become hectic. He is the most aggravating person she has ever met, and she is the most paranoid and whiny woman he has ever met. The two of them both find themselves missing the flight from Charlotte and are stuck with each other for hours until the next flight. Somehow through all the arguing and the bickering, they start to develop something that leads a little more. What happens when it's time for them to depart? Will their short encounter fly away with a memory? Or will they allow their hearts to travel above and beyond with the clouds? Fasten your seat belts and prepare to take off into the clouds of romance. This will be one flight you wouldn't want to miss!

The Belin Brothers: A Stranger's Desire (Book 1: Calvin)
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How far will one woman go to have the Belin last name??
Annette DeMornay isn't playing any games. The Haitian beauty has her eyes set on landing herself a doctor; not just ANY doctor, but Dr. Calvin Belin. The oldest of the 5 handsome and wealthy Belin brothers, Calvin is irresistible, smart and just about everything a woman dreams of in a man.
Calvin is known for curing his patients in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, but until Annette lures him with her charm and sex appeal, she'll be the one cure he needs to ease his aching desire.
Everyone seems to adore Annette, but Calvin's ex-girlfriend, Kianna, is curious of this mysterious woman's motive. She is eager to get to the bottom of it and discover as much dirt on Annette as possible. She is anxious to reveal who Annette really is.
And as devious as Annette is, she is sure not to let anything get stand in her way from getting what she desires. She'll do ANYTHING...

Experience The Belin Brothers..5 handsome, wealthy black men and the women in their lives..

A Stranger in My House

The Belin Brothers: Book 2- Derek

**PURCHASE:* Paperback and Amazon Kindle Ebook

Usually, it's the woman who gets cheated on, this time it's the man!
Professional basketball coach and entrepreneur, Derek Belin, is suspicious that his beautiful fiancé Lia, is keeping a secret and assumes she is cheating on him. Things become frustrated for Derek when he notices when Lia is calling out the name of another man when they are making love. Lia's actions are speaking louder than words and Derek goes on a man hunt to find out what's going on. He wants to know who is creeping with his woman once and for all. This is one mystery of love and infidelity that you just can't miss. Will their dream wedding still go on if Derek's heart can't go on?

The Belin Brothers are rich, black men who are from a family of millionaires in Columbia, South Carolina. They are also successful doctors, lawyers and business owners. These brothers are smooth, classy and what every woman dreams of having. However, they each have their own drama. Secrets will be revealed as you get to know and fall in love with Calvin, Derek, Devontae, Malik and Montez.

**PURCHASE:* Paperback and Amazon Kindle Ebook


South Carolina attorney and governor candidate, Malik Belin, has a lot going for him other than his charming good looks and his wealthy family bloodline. He can never seem to control his sexual appetite for different women on different days of the week. Nothing can slow this playboy down or tie him down, not until he is smitten by a beautiful single mother who walks into the barber shop with her son one day. Royce and Malik eventually start to date and hit it off after their encounter, until Malik assumes that her feelings for him may not be as true as he assumed. While away on a political business trip in Charlotte, North Carolina, this assumption leads him back to his playboy ways and into the bed with two beautiful strangers. When things become messy, Malik's reputation and his hopes to become governor of South Carolina is soon to be ruined, due to a false scandal and publicity stunt from the two beautiful strangers. There is only one question Malik can ask himself: How can he pull this off and still be with the woman he has truly ever loved?

Running for president of the United States is not as interesting if the package doesn't include lies, sex, scandal and revenge. That's what North Carolina Governor William Hardwick III encounters once he is involved with beautiful Broadway actress, Ava Dior. He walked out of her life once before, breaking her heart and as soon as he wants her back a year later, it's too late because she is planning the perfect revenge.
Ava does what she has to do in order to get what she wants out of him., she's always played a good actress on stage. She'll be sure to use her talent at her own advantage; even if it requires manipulating, seducing and threatening William.
She should be careful though. William will do what ever it takes to win her love again, and that's a powerful and natural feeling she wouldn't be able to disguise in her act.

A Christmas tale about forgiveness after telling a lie and reconnecting with a lost lover. Be aware of a few HOT, steamy scenes that will roast your open fire and put you on Santa’s naughty list!!!! There are so many things that Ruthlyn Burns is expecting for Christmas, but having her car run out of gas on a lonely Charleston highway isn't one of them. She does what any woman in need of help would do; she tries to hitch a ride.Unfortunately, she has no luck.Charleston truck driver, Barry G. Robertson, isn't looking forward to much this Christmas. After suffering a broken heart the previous Christmas from his ex, Ruthlyn, Christmas just isn't the same.

Ever since she betrayed his trust with a lie, he hasn't spoken to her in over a year. Barry isn't sure what to do once he sees her stranded on the side of a highway. The only question that comes to his mind is if he should give her a ride or just drive by; pretending as if he never saw her? Ouch. They both know once they're alone in his 18 wheeler that PLENTY of emotions will stir up again. Sweet emotions that never died and bitter emotions that should have died. Will they reconcile before Christmas?Or allow their hearts to be cold as winter?
**Sleeping With

A Rock Star

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This book will be back up again shortly, undergoing edits

**Girlfriend of a Fugitive 

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