ReNita A. Burgess

*Author ReNita A. Burgess

by ReNita A. Burgess

Tilly Mae and the Toothache

Tilly Mae is the spoiled little girl on the playground that everyone calls the candy thief. Eating candy is one of her favorite things to do, but she will have to pay the price for biting too many.

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The Mystery of the Mermaids 

Mermaids are beautiful and mysterious creatures. Become enchanted when you discover that there are many different ones. 

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Banana Bear

Meet Banana Bear! He's just your average bear that has a thing for eating bananas. He just moved to the new forest, but things are going to take some time to get used to. Let's see if we can help him!

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The Adrianna Adventures: Adrianna Goes to School

It's Adrianna's first day of school and she is for a lot of adventures. Will she be nervous or brave?

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The Adrianna Adventures: Too Many Cookies

Someone has a sweet tooth and they can't resist. Adrianna is begging her grandmother for cookies. Will she finally get what she wants?

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The Adrianna Adventures:

Adrianna and the Best Friend

Adrianna is outside playing by herself.

All of that changes when her next door neighbor decides to play a day filled with many games. 

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